How to get your Resource Pack famous

If you're wondering why your pack gets no downloads this article might be perfect for you. Reading time of "How to get your Resource Pack famous" is about 5 Minutes for advanced readers. At first, i want to say that spamming your pack on resource pack download platforms, again and again, will not help you getting good reputation or getting your pack popular. Moreover you should put lots of effort into your pack because something that has just stolen textures which were mixed will never really get famous.

Just do it as "Jaba". 

What Jaba did

-> creating 100% Custom Resource Packs (every texture)
-> Asking Pack Nation for promotional videos and reviews
-> Setting up collabs with all major Resource Pack websites. (that have Agents that will set up unique High-Quality Articles and serve high speed dls with only about 2-4 Ads per Download)
-> Submitting his packs to the biggest Pack Review Channels on YouTube.
-> Asking a swiss SEO-expert Webdesign & SEO Agency for support

In addition to that, you'll need a real plan you follow when creating "your" unique pvp texture packs. Google is your friend for finding tutorials on making really good resource packs. In the beginning, you should also focus on a small niche only, this will result in getting more attention on your pack really fast. (If you create unique special textures) UHC / PotPvP is a great Pack niche for example. Especially when you or the YouTubers you make packs for have lots of UHC-related viewers. In combination with making 100% custom pvp resource packs, you could also consult big Resource Pack channels or design agencies to help you get the pack viral. However, you should keep in mind that getting products / also resource packs viral is a long process that takes a lot of time and money. So probably the best deal you can get is to get a free outsourcing of the promotional stuff on your pack. For that, I'd recommend consulting, Webdesign & SEO Agentur in Switzerland. Moreover, you should also consult BrobiMattGames_RPMikeVPack NationJaba and other big RP reviewing channels to make a review video of your PvP Resource Pack.

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